Weight Loss Secrets By Kate Hudson: You Won’t Believe Her Diet Tricks!

BY The Blog Team

Known for her blonde beach waves, super toned abs and illuminating smile, Kate Hudson is the perfect image of optimum health and beauty. Even having two children hasn’t left a taint on her slender figure. So, what is her … READ MORE >

10 Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep Better By Fabletics

BY The Blog Team

A good night’s sleep is more effective at preventing premature ageing than the most expensive creams on the market. A key factor in sleeping well is allowing your nervous system to settle down after a long day of mental activity and stimulation. A relaxing yoga sequence and a Yoga Tune Up ball session will deregulate your system and help you to sleep better, so, dim the lights, light a candle, and move through this sequence at a leisurely pace. READ MORE >

Get Zen With These 5 Stress-Reducing Yoga Moves By Fabletics

BY The Blog Team

We all feel it: our to-do lists get longer, our time to exercise and recharge gets shorter, and our eating, drinking and sleeping habits reach all new heights. Believe it or not, taking 10-15 minutes to de-stress your body will recharge your body and get you through the busy season with ease. Read on for the moves that keep me in check. READ MORE >


BY Kate Hudson

Although I’ve only experienced it in little bits and pieces, this winter has been especially rough, which will make it even more exciting when the weather breaks. When I’m in London or New York and the seasons start to change, I definitely find myself getting outside more and doing workouts such as biking and jogging. READ MORE >