10 Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep Better By Fabletics

BY The Blog Team

A good night’s sleep is more effective at preventing premature ageing than the most expensive creams on the market. A key factor in sleeping well is allowing your nervous system to settle down after a long day of mental activity and stimulation. A relaxing yoga sequence and a Yoga Tune Up ball session will deregulate your system and help you to sleep better, so, dim the lights, light a candle, and move through this sequence at a leisurely pace. READ MORE >


BY Kate Hudson

World Peace Meditation Day was held for the first time on December 31, 1986. That first year, more than 500 million people of all religions in more than 70 countries meditated for an hour starting at noon Greenwich Mean Time. The idea behind this movement was that meditating on peace would create peace. I find it especially fitting that World Peace Meditation Day is observed on the last day of the calendar year. It seems like the perfect time to reflect on the days and months that have passed, and to draw upon positive energy for the New Year. Here are some of my favourite quotes to meditate on. READ MORE >