Behind The Scenes: Dose X Fabletics #DrumItOut

BY The Blog Team

We were proud to host our #DrumItOut event, in collaboration with Dose Magazine on the 19th of September. The event was a huge success! We got our glitter on, sipped skinny cocktails and unveiled the new Pound workout from LA. Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at what we got up to – just for you!

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We Had Our Hair Done

Thanks to our beauty partner, Treatwell, we were able to set up a braid bar, so that all participants could feel pampered and try a new hairstyle. After all, no one likes getting hair in their face when they work up a sweat!

We Got Our Glitter On


Go Get Glitter joined us on the night to make sure everyone sparkled! Participants were able to choose their colours and designs for a look they were sure to love. Removing the glitter afterwards might have been the evening’s toughest challenge – but it was so worth it!

We Shared Some Drinks


Skinny Brands provided all participants with delicious skinny cocktails. All the flavour you could ever want without the guilt! What’s not to love?


We Worked Up A Sweat



The highlight of the event was the Pound workout, brought to us from LA. When a workout isn’t fun, it’s hard to feel motivated to stick with it. So, we’re always on the hunt for new workouts that are both effective and addictive! Pound definitely fits that decription. The workout consists of performing a series of isometric and plyometric moves, including squats, jumps and lunges, while simultaneously drumming with a quarter-of-a-pound ripstix. Needless to say – it’s a super effective cardio workout. If you’re looking to fulfil your rockstar dreams, give it a try!



Oh…and we forgot to mention – we got loads of goodies!



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