Here’s Why We Should Always Have A 3-Day Weekend

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Finally, something we can get on board with.

It’s the first May bank holiday weekend and we’re really struggling to understand why this isn’t the norm already, especially since a bulk of research in psychology and medicine shows that working shorter weeks could essentially prolong your life. Say what? There’s the whole issue of companies not wanting to lose money, of course, but wouldn’t a few CEOs be happy to cut a little profit just to spend one day doing whatever they like? Here’s what would happen, if every weekend were to be 3 days long… it’s pretty amazing!


Forget the fad diets – you’d be the healthiest you’ve ever been!

Decades of medical studies have found that working long hours can have dreadful effects on your heart. Last year, medical journal The Lancet published a meta-analysis, which evaluated the link between overworking and heart disease in over 600,000 Australian, European and American men and women. It demonstrated that those who worked more than 55 hours per week had a 33% increased risk of stroke than those who worked less than 40 hours per week. They also had a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Our interpretation: work less, be healthier!

You’d catch more ZZZ’s

Always feeling tired? You’re not alone! Unfortunately, popping sleeping pills is not an option, but working less is! In 2009, a paper published in the journal Sleep, which questioned 10,000 employees, found that those working 40 hours or less slept more and had an easier time falling asleep. The reason? The researchers believe those who worked less had more time available to chill, relaxation being an important prerequisite to sleep. More time to drink red wine and lounge on the couch? We like the way they think!

People in the office would like you more

 As per the previous argument, working more leads to overtiredness. Overtiredness leads to energy loss (obviously), emotional imbalance and grumpiness. Sleepy people are more likely to prefer isolation, pick fights and misread others’ emotions – not exactly beneficial to office harmony.

You’d be saving the planet – yes, really!

At a time when we urgently need to cut our carbon footprint, encouraging a 3-day weekend could be the most elegant way to make our planet more environmentally friendly. In 2007, for example, the US state of Utah prolonged working hours on Mondays and Thursdays, completely cutting out Fridays. The result? They saved more than £1.36m in energy costs. Just think about it: one day less of work equals one day less of air conditioning, lighting – and don’t even mention commuting!

You’d be able to actually see your family and friends (and pamper yourself)

Working long hours each week, plus dragging our fatigue into the weekend, means we have less time to devote to our loved ones, let alone ourselves. Our priorities have shifted. Working a shorter week would help us achieve a much-needed work-life balance. Spa day, here we come!

You’d have more time to spend on…well, whatever you want!

Looking to learn a new skill (e.g. wine-tasting)? An extra day off would give you the chance to do something that excites you and allow you to truly find your passion. Because, realistically, who has time to do that during the week? Not us!

You’d Actually Do Your Job Better – Hear That, Boss?

This is of the realm of paradoxical magic. In 2009, Harvard Business School researchers put this theory to the test by forcing employees at an consulting firm in Boston to take a day off in the middle of the workweek (no phones/emails allowed). After just 5 months, team leaders reported an improvement in performance from those who took time off, compared to those who worked the usual 50-hour week. Plan: trace the report, print it off and tape it to the boss’ screen. Wasn’t me…

 Sigh, a girl can dream. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

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