11 Totally Legitimate Excuses To Get Out Of Running A Marathon

BY The Blog Team

We’re only a couple of days away from the London Marathon, and everyone seems to be running around in tight leggings, setting their stopwatches and only stopping for a gulp of water or an awkward mid-street lunge in preparation of the big event. As we watch these eager runners, latte in hand, we suddenly get the urge to join them. But, just as we finish power-walking back home to fetch our trainers, we realise why we just CAN’T run a marathon. Like really, we can’t.

Here’s why:

I still have all of that Easter chocolate leftover. I mean, really, the smart choice is to eat it all and then go back to a healthy, exercise-filled lifestyle. Right?

 People will be watching me run at the marathon. I can’t have that. I have no coordination whatsoever (honestly!)

My running buddy is busy. I can’t go without my running buddy.

It’s really busy at the office. I just can’t focus on something else right now.

I don’t like running without makeup, but if I do, it’ll go all streaky. I just can’t risk that.

It’s bad to wash your hair too often. I can’t train for a marathon without showering on a daily basis, therefore I cannot train.

It’s that time of the month. They say exercise and fresh air help with period pain. My sofa and chocolate help more.

I’ve already been working out a lot. I don’t want to look too defined.

It’s not a big deal. I can make up for not running the marathon by working out at home. Netflix is right there and so is the shower!

I can’t find my running playlist. Running without music is madness. I mean, I could create a new one, but…

*Yawn*…I’m exhausted. I think my body is craving sleep. Running will surely tire me out more.

You’re welcome. Now, read this to find out what training for a marathon really looks like. Let’s go!

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