4 Fitness Trends You Need To Know Now + What To Wear

BY The Blog Team

While 2016 may have been about getting wash-board abs, 2017 is all about syncing your mind and body. We’re all trying to find our inner zen. Excited? We are! With a little help from Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, Alexis Fletcher, we’ve rounded up the 4 hottest  fitness trends you need to know about now. As an added bonus, we also found the perfect outfit for each activity, so you can really sweat it out in style!

TRX Yoga Flow

Woman in printed leggings and a white tank.

The Trend: Looking to give your traditional yoga practice a boost? Scale and enhance your poses with the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer. It will help you develop control and balance. Namaste!

The Gear: A medium support bra will keep your ladies in place, while figure-hugging keep a graceful appearance as you go with the flow. Opt for a floral print for full-on spring vibes!

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Voga: Yoga With An 80s Twist

Woman in yoga clothes.

Photo Credit: @livinglavidayoga

The Trend: De-stress, shape and tone with a brand new Voga class, inspired by Madonna’s 80s hit. It’s a mix of yoga and a cardio workout, and a great mood booster. Time to channel your inner Vogue!

The Gear: It wouldn’t be the 80s without a flashy outfit and good old arm warmers! Opt for a vibrant hue, like hot orange, to really stand out at the studio. Strike a pose!

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Mindful Workouts

Woman in a pink sports bra, long sleeve top and leggings.

The Trend: From meditation to nature walks to stretching sessions, 2017 is all about focusing on your inner wellbeing. With busy schedules getting even busier, we could all use a few rest days for our minds and bodies. Who’s with us?

The Gear: The key to dressing up for mindful workouts is to wear clothing you really feel comfortable in. Our advice: go for athleisure, a.k.a. cosy joggers, super soft tops and bright low-support sports bras to make your look pop!

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Water Workouts

Woman in a tankini on a paddle board.

Photo Credit: @happyngood

The Trend: Whether you’re eager to try paddle boarding or underwater cycling, now’s the perfect time to dive in! With so many fun options out there, aquatic exercise is getting even trendier. Plus, it’s still one of the best ways to burn calories. It’s a win-win!

The Gear: Get ready to rock that killer tankini or one-piece! Pair it with après-swim joggers and a mesh jacket for the perfect pool-club look.

Which fitness trend are you looking forward to trying out? Drop us a line below! ?

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