We Did It: #Fabletics21 Challenge Highlights

BY The Blog Team

In case you missed it, we held our #Fabletics21 Challenge throughout January (and it was a huge success!) Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so we developed four specific challenges (meditation, flat stomach, running and healthy eating) to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. We were amazed at how many of you participated and were motivated by our challenge. We didn’t want it to end! Here are a few highlights to keep the fun going.

Fabletics 21-Day Challenge

Just because our challenge has stopped, doesn’t mean you have to! If you missed the start in January, take on the challenge next month. You can do it!

The Stats: Want to know which 21-Day Challenge was the winner in the UK? Our stats show that most of you followed the Running Challenge, followed by the Flat Stomach and Healthy Eating Challenges. More than 10,000 of you participated and tagged more than 1,200 pics on Instagram! Feeling pretty good about yourself? You should be!

We Got Our Fitness On

Fave Quote: “Day 6 of the #Fabletics21 challenge! Here I’m doing a 40 minute #run with my hubby who I’ve persuaded to join the gym with me! As usual, I followed it up with the @fabletics_uk January exercises” ???️ – @jen.of.all.trades

We Ate. A Lot.

Healthy Salad

Fave Recipe:

Smoothie Bowl Recipe

We Freed Our Minds

Woman wearing a black sports bra and black leggings.

Photo courtesy of @blancaromerobal

Fave Quote: “There was the most beautiful pink and red sky this morning that I could see from the train to work, but instead of taking a photo, I sat and looked at it without a phone in my way… I’m glad I took the time to be present in the moment before and enjoy that beauty for what it was – no matter how fleeting.These moments are helping me achieve my goals and my #fabletics21 challenge of mindfulness.” – @jenkcrocker

Woman wearing printed leggings and a crop top.

Photo courtesy of @noholita

We Ran Across Europe

During the weekend of the 21st of January, we organised runs across three European capitals – London, Paris and Berlin – in order to celebrate the end of our #Fabletics21 Running Challenge. Our European offices already formed their own running clubs to support the challenge throughout the month; however, these larger runs were a chance for us to bond with our community of Masters, VIPs and customers.

Above: Footage of the Fabletics Run in Berlin. Video credit: Daniel Kloske.

We were lucky to have two amazing coaches: Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach Anna Mayka Sack (Berlin) and Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger Christelle (Paris). So, what was our feedback? We’re happy to report that most of our participants left saying that they wanted to incorporate running into in their weekly schedules. That’s a definite WIN in our books!



We Gifted Outfits To Lucky Winners

We gave away three outfits as part of our #Fabletics21 competition. Check them out below!

Shop more outfits and styles from our Let’s Get Physical collection!

We want to see your best moments from the Challenge! Send us your pics via Instagram and Facebook, or leave us a comment below. ?

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