Fit For Christmas: The Fabletics Full-Body Workout

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Are you looking to get fit before the big Christmas feast, so you can indulge without the guilt? Well, you’re in luck! Our quick, go-to home fitness routine is exactly what you need! Our German Master, Tatjana Korner, has created two easy online workouts, which don’t require any special equipment, except perhaps a new outfit from our Signature Collection and a couple of fitness accessories to make your workout more fun.

You’ll make the most progress, if you aim to complete one workout per day. You’re sure to be prepared for the inevitable hustle and bustle of the festive season. Ready? Let’s go!

Woman wearing a sports bra and leggings.

Get the look: The Ellie Sports Bra and the Lisette High Waist Legging.

Set A Timer

For beginners, the workout is going to take approx. 8 minutes a day. Hold each position for 20 seconds, repeat each exercise 4 times and take 10 seconds to recover between repetitions.

If you’re more advanced, you should spend approx. 12 minutes a day. Hold each position for 30 seconds, repeat each exercise 3 times and take 10 seconds to recover between repetitions.

If you are a pro, the workout should take you 20 minutes a day. Repeat each exercise 10 times, then move straight to the next one, and try to repeat the whole sequence as many times as possible within 20 minutes.

Your Full-Body Workout Plan

Full Body Workout with Fabletics UKPlanning to beat the winter blues by jetting off to an exotic location? Check out our new range of swimwear and cover-ups in our Winter Escape Collection.

1. Lunge with knee lift (if possible, with rotation):
How to do lunge with knee lift gif2. Push-up with shoulder tap (if possible, pull the respective knee towards your elbow):
How to do push up with shoulder tap gif3. Six-pack maker (you can also add weights, if you have any):
How to make a six-pack gif4. Burpee with a push-up and jump:
How to do perfect burpees gifGive Tatjana’s Classic Workout a try as well and tell us which one you prefer!


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