Fit for Christmas: The Fabletics Classic Workout

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Christmas is around the corner! ? We know it’s hard to squeeze a workout in-between frantic Christmas shopping and hours in the kitchen. However, if you want to enjoy a double serving of turkey and Christmas pudding without the guilt, why not give our Classic Workout a try?

8 Minutes Per Day Is All You Need!

For those of you who haven’t already read Part 1 of the Fit For Christmas series, here’s a quick intro. Our German Master and Personal Trainer, Tatjana Korner, has created a home workout plan, which you can safely follow from the comfort of your own lounge.  Feel free to mix this one with Tatjana’s Full-Body Workout for more of a challenge!

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Woman wearing black leggings and a black top with leg warmers.

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Set A Timer

For beginners, the workout is going to take approx. 8 minutes a day. Hold each position for 20 seconds, repeat each exercise 4 times and take 10 seconds to recover between repetitions.

If you’re more advanced, you should spend approx. 12 minutes a day. Hold each position for 30 seconds, repeat each exercise 3 times and take 10 seconds to recover between repetitions.

If you are a pro, the workout should take you 20 minutes a day. Repeat each exercise 10 times, then move straight to the next one, and try to repeat the whole sequence as many times as possible within 20 minutes.

Your Classic Workout Plan

Classic workout from Fabletics

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1. Squat:

How to do squats - Fabletics gif2. Push-ups (if necessary, on your knees):

How to do push-ups Fabletics Classic workout gif3. Sit-ups (with hands folded behind your head):
How to do sit-ups Fabletics gif4. Sprint Climbers (alternate legs, pushing your left and right knee up):
How to do sprint climbers Fabletics gifSpeaking of Christmas, have you crossed off all of the names on your nice list? If not, Kate’s Gift Guide has you covered!

Kate Hudson's gift guide

If you haven’t done so already, give Tatjana’s Full-Body Workout a try and tell us which one you prefer!


Already tried our workout? Tell us your thoughts and show us some pics of your festive fitness routine via Instagram and Facebook!

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