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HO HO HO, the festive season is in full swing and dinner parties are lining up with colleagues and friends bringing along those all-so-tempting cookies, mince pies and Christmas pudding. The last thing you want to worry about is heading to the gym! That’s why Fabletics Master and food expert Patrycja visited our Berlin office to show us how to indulge the greatest time of the year without the guilt. It turns out that Christmas treats don’t need to be unhealthy to be delicious! WIN!

Tip: Our trick to burn-off those Christmas sweets? Slip into your most comfortable activewear and play our Christmas workout playlist to dance off those calories as you cook!

baking1To give you a bit of background information, Patrycja founded Fitness & Food and mentors clients, who want to start or maintain a health-conscious and active lifestyle. She has developed a great passion for nutrition, having successfully changed diets and eating habits by tailoring her clients’ eating plans to their specific dietary needs.

A foodie herself, she not only taught us how to make healthier versions of some of our Christmas favourites but also gave us some insight into the effect food has on our body and soul. Intrigued?

DSC_0224For example, we learned that adding whole flaxseed actually has no benefit. It is only when the seeds have been shredded that they can be properly received and processed! The best way to shred chia seeds, for example, is with a coffee grinder or a blender, or you can buy it in shredded form.

Patrycja’s Christmas treats contained absolutely no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. To sweeten her dishes, she used Goji berries, chia and flax seeds and coconut blossom sugar. Overall, her bakes were really tasty and pleasantly filling. Also, each recipe took a maximum of 20 minutes to create. So, you can squeeze in extra Christmas shopping!

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Try Patrycja’s top 3 Christmas recipes and wow your party guests!

Orange-Cinnamon Protein Bars

Clean-Baking-1Ingredients for 6 pieces

70g of ground almonds
1tsp of natural peanut butter or tahini
2 tsps of honey or agave nectar
1tsp of Whey protein (vanilla flavour)
15g of pea protein
1 tsps of cinnamon
2 tsps of orange peel
40g of egg whites
1/2 tsp of coconut flour
Sugarfree chocolate couverture (optional)


  1. Simply mix all of the ingredients in a food processor or a mixing bowl
  2. Pour the mixture into a greased (or lined with baking paper) pan
  3. Heat it at 170° C for about 20-35 minutes
  4. Let everything cool down and cut the whole bar in slices
  5. If you want, melt the chocolate in a water bath and dip the bar halfway into the chocolate
  6. Place everything in the refrigerator for a few minutes. 🙂

Nutritional Facts per bar:

145 kcal
2g KHD (!!!)
9g protein
10g fat (mainly from natural peanut butter)

 Chocolate Almonds

Clean-Baking-2Ingredients (for a 100g serving):

35g of melted chocolate
1 tsp of coconut oil
20g of Whey Protein, Chocolate Flavour
2 tsps of oil-free cocoa
100g of natural almonds
Honey to sweeten the chocolate


  1. Melt the chocolate in a water bath, slowly adding the coconut oil. Add honey if you want a sweeter variation.
  2. Mix the whey protein with the cocoa and cinnamon in a bowl
  3. Add all almonds into the melted chocolate mixture and stir well, making sure all almonds are covered
  4. Now that the chocolate coating is not fully dried, turn the almonds into the mix of whey-cocoa and cinnamon!
  5. Finally, place the whole mixture into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, so that the coating is allowed to dry fully and set.

Nutritional Facts per almond:

10 kcal
0.2g KHD
1g protein
1g fat

 Protein Nut Cookies

Clean-Baking-3Ingredients (for about 10 pcs.):

30g of Whey protein (vanilla flavour)
2 tsps of natural peanut butter
30g of pea protein
75ml of milk (you can also use alternative milks, such as coconut or almond milk)
30g of ground almonds


  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl to create a smooth dough. The consistency shouldn’t be too sticky or too dry.
  2. Make small balls from the dough and place them on a piece of baking paper.
  3. Slightly flatten the balls with the back of a spoon.
  4. Place them in the oven for about 5-10 minutes at 170° C.
  5. Let them cool off, before digging in!

Nutritional Facts per cookie:

145 kcal
11g KHD
5g protein
8g fat (mainly from natural peanut butter)

DSC_0240Head to Patrycja’s site (fitness and food) for even more of her recipes!

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