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This autumn, Fabletics is all about fearlessness. Shot in Iceland, our new collection, Outer Limits, seeks to make women feel empowered and fierce. In honour of our design theme, we’ve scoured Instagram to bring you the top 10 most fearless women on everyone’s favourite social channel. From diving with great white sharks to jumping off cliffs, no adventure seems too scary in the eyes of these ladies! Get your phones ready – they’ll have you living on (and over) the edge!

Woman wearing printed leggings and a vest.

Fabletics Chief Stylist Ginger Ressler shows off the Malaspina Outfit, featuring the Isabella Seamless Tank and the Ashton Legging in the dark romance print.

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1. Elena Congost (@elenacongost)

Fabletics Spanish Master Elena is a true inspiration. Partially blind, she has never given up on her dreams and is now a professional Paralympic distance runner, who just participated in the Rio Games. We asked her a few questions on fearlessness, and here’s what she had to say:

Woman wearing a sports bra and shorts.

What does being fearless mean to you?

For me, fearlessness is all about having the courage to chase your dreams, whether you manage to reach them or not, because we always grow in the process.

What do you fear, if anything?

We are all afraid, but what is important is for us to turn this fear into motivation. Think of it as a challenge, and never let it take over. Fear likes to rob us of our dreams, so the only way we can reach them is if we act in spite of it

What advice would you give to someone facing a difficult situation?

Never give up. We all go through difficult moments, when we just want to toss in the towel and break down. However, you just have to keep moving forward, and one day, you’ll realise that it was all worth it.

What did participating in the Rio Games mean to you?

For me, running in Rio was a childhood dream come true. It was better than I could have ever imagined. I cried with joy.

Woman wearing a sports bra and shorts.

2. Carmen Jorda (@carmenjorda)

Followers: 117k

Renault Sport F1 Team Development Driver and daughter of ex-driver Jose Miguel Jorda , Carmen is not only known for her modelesque beauty but also for her inherited love of motorsport, where she believes women have their place just as much as any other sport in the world. She is determined, ambitious, inspiring and glamorous. Everything we love to see on Instagram!

Visit her website here.

3. Clair Marie (@thebasegirl)

Followers: 49.3k

Afraid of heights? Look away! Professional base jumper, skydiver, stunt woman, mountain bike racer, rock climber, public speaker and model (phew!), Clair has it all – well, except for vertigo! Follow her for a bit of sunbathing on the highest rooftops of New York, base-jumping off cliffs and mid-air selfies. We feel a bit dizzy…

You can find her website here.

Woman wearing printed legging and a black vest.

Get the look: The Upsala Outfit, featuring the Dominica Top and the Salar Legging in the dark grey confetti print.

4. Hazel Findlay (@hazel_findlay)

Followers: 61.7k

Hazel Findlay has been climbing since the age of 6, and has been a professional climber for the past four years. She was the British Junior Climbing Champion six times, but at 16, she decided to live her passion of climbing solely on rock, especially trad climbing. Why does she love it? It evokes a mental challenge her mind can’t stop craving. We say: rock on!

Check out her website for more amazing pics and blog posts. You can even hire her as your coach!

5. Shanaze Reade (@shanazereade)

Followers: 9,245

Professional BMX racer and track cyclist, Shanaze Reade is a fierce woman indeed! She has won the UCI BMX World Championships three times. As she reminds us on her Instagram, born of a Jamaican father and Irish mother, she has both power and luck on her side. Looking through her pics, she reminds us that a woman can still be stylish and beautiful, even when she’s standing knee-high in the mud. That’s girl power!

You can also find her on Twitter here.

Our co-founder Kate Hudson is another fearless lady, who is never afraid to try new adventure sports! Discover the outfits she feels the most confident in here.

Woman wearing black leggings, a mesh vest and a yellow top.

Get the look: The Dixon Outfit, featuring the Carly Tank and the Gia Capri.

6. Rachel Atherton (@rachybox)

Followers: 134k

Professional racing cyclist, specialised in downhill mountain bike racing, and multiple world champion, Rachel was both named the Sunday Times’ Sportswoman of the Year and the BBC Midlands Sportswoman of the Year, back in 2008. In June of this year, she also became the first woman to win 10 consecutive rounds of the World Cup. Her belief is that if you want to get involved in extreme sports, you don’t need to play like the boys. Stay true to yourself.

Check out her YouTube channel here.

7. Hannah Bristow (@kellysayssurf)

Hannah Bristow and Dannie MacLegend have Californian cool written all over them, except for the fact that they’re both UK surf chicks. They took their inspiration from 11x world champion Kelly Slater, who said that you have to surf all kinds of waves to improve (even bad ones), which is why the girls have made it their mission to surf all types of waves throughout the UK winter. They film their feats in episodes, taking us around the world with them and making us laugh until our sides hurt. In a nutshell: we can’t get enough of them!

You can watch their episodes here.

Woman wearing black leggings, a pullover and a gilet.

Get the look: The Sedona Puffer Vest and the Muir Outfit, featuring the Isabella Seamless L/S Top and the Barcelona Legging.

8. Shirley Darlington-Rowat (@shirtrix)

Followers: 2,317

Coach at Parkour Generations, Shirley thinks of parkour as another way to see the world. It’s all about overcoming obstacles, which can transition into your everyday life, and thinking back to how you moved as a child. The world becomes your playground. Pretty cool, right? Even better: Shirley co-founded an initiative called She Can Trace, which aims to get parkour back into schools for girls. She wants young girls to feel empowered and encourage them to feel free to move just as boys do. We’re all for that!

You can learn more about her initiative here.

9. Elise Sterck (@roundtheworldgirl)

Followers: 260k

Dreaming of adventure? Social influencer Elise is the girl for you! Her passions include travelling, environmental protection and mountain sports, and she lives them all to the fullest. Follow her, and she’ll take you to the highest mountain tops, camping next to a couple of buffalos and cruising in a hot air balloon. Slip into your warmest outerwear and comfiest bottoms – you’re about to go on an express around-the-world trip!

Woman wearing printed leggings and a puffer jacket.

Get the look: The Sedona Puffer Jacket and the Bering Outfit, featuring the Brogan Mesh Legging and the Lenni Sports Bra in the tonal confetti print.

10. Mountain 2 Mountain (@mtn2mtn)

Followers: 2,288

While not an individual woman but a non-profit organisation, we thought Mountain 2 Mountain definitely deserved to be mentioned. In 2012, its founder became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan, and while she was met with kindness and curiosity, she did not meet a single family who would allow their daughters to do the same. For Mountain 2 Mountain, bikes are vehicles for social justice. By giving them to Afghan women, they seek to give them their freedom, which is why they support the first generation of the country’s female cyclists with the Afghan National Women’s Cycling Team. Pretty inspiring, eh?

You can read more about them here.

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