Kate’s Quiz: What Is Your Primary Dosha?

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Kate Hudson wearing leggings and a sports bra.

What Is Your Primary Dosha Type?

Ayurveda sees the body as a whole, and interprets illness as a sign that the mind and body are out of balance. It has been a big help to Kate Hudson in connecting different symptoms or signs to what she is eating, avoiding and doing, offering basic guidelines as a way of understanding her body type, personality profile and how she psychologically and emotionally reacts to situations and her environment. She even dedicates a great deal of her book, Pretty Happy, to exploring this ancient practice.

Briefly, Ayurvedic practitioners believe that there are three main body types: Vata (elements of space and air, associated with winter), Pitta (elements of fire and water, associated with summer) and Kapha (elements of earth and water, associated with spring and autumn). While all of us contain aspects of all three, figuring out your primary Dosha can help you begin the process of truly listening to your body’s signals and paying attention to what lies underneath.

Find out your Dosha Type with Kate’s quiz now!

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