How To Work Your Core Like A Gymnast By Fabletics

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Gymnastics conditioning is one of the most rigorous and intensive workouts a person can do to improve their strength and agility. Most gymnastics-inspired workouts are all bodyweight, so you can even do them at home without needing any gymnastics equipment. The 5 moves below focus on the core, which can help get you started to achieve even the most basic move in gymnastics – the handstand!

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Woman wearing gymnastics clothing: printed leggings and a midi sports bra.

Fitness instructor and ex-gymnast Alyssa Nimedez is wearing the Natalia Midi Sports Bra and the Salar Legging in the nocturnal/floral print.

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The V-Up fires up your core as you use your entire bodyweight to lift from the ground. Do 3 sets of 10 and try to lift your arms above your head for a more advanced version. When you come back down to the ground, try not to let your feet or shoulders touch the floor.  Your entire body should be engaged, while you squeeze your inner thighs and point your toes to keep your body activated.

Woman wearing printed leggings and a midi sports bra on a yoga mat.


The Anteater is a killer total body workout that activates your core, shoulders and back.  Start in an A-Frame position, pull your tummy in, and start to walk your hands out slowly.  Breathe as each hand moves further away from your toes. Keep your abs tight and your neck neutral. As you creep down to the floor, go as far as you can until your forehead is close to the ground. Squeeze your glutes and inner thighs and hold for at least 5 seconds before you walk back in. Repeat this exercise 10 times or start at the beginning of a room and walk all the way across. Repeat twice.

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Woman wearing printed leggings and a midi sports bra on a yoga mat.

Hollow Body Rocks

Hollow body rocks are one of our favourite workouts. Similar to the V-Up, you are activating your core by staying close to the ground. Hollow body rocks work best when your feet and shoulders are above the ground as you rock back and forth. For an even tougher challenge, add weights to your feet and keep your arms above your head. Do 3 sets of 10 each way.

Woman wearing gymnastics clothing.

This hollow body rock activates your glutes, core and upper back.

Woman wearing printed leggings and a midi sports bra on a yoga mat.

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Windscreen Wipers

Windscreen wipers target your lower and side abs. Bring your feet up in the air and squeeze your inner thighs together.  Bring them down to one side and don’t let them hit the floor! Hover above the ground for as long as you can and bring them back to neutral. Lean them to the other side and repeat 25 times. If your abs aren’t burning by the end, repeat!

(Workouts provided by Alyssa Nimedez)

Need some more inspiration? Check out Dutch Fabletics Brand Ambassador Li Yuan Wolf in action:


Above: Li Yuan is wearing the Salar Capri in the northern lights reflective print, and giving us major #fitnessgoals! 

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