15 Yoga Poses To Unleash Your Creativity By Fabletics Master Irene

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Whether you’re an artist waiting for inspiration or simply looking for that big project idea for your next board meeting, a creative boost is always welcome. It’s a gift, which allows us to see the world from different perspectives and reach our full potential. After relaxing our minds in the summer sun, autumn is a perfect time to unleash our creativity again. However, with the cold weather creeping in, finding the energy to reconnect with your inner self can be difficult. Fabletics Spanish Master, Irene (@livinglavidayoga), is here to help! She talks us through 15 yoga poses, which will help you free your mind and allow creative ideas to seep in. Time to get your OM on!


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Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana : One-legged Downward Facing Dog

Woman wearing leggings and a vest.

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Why Do It:

It aligns the back, strengthens the arms and legs. It also increases blood flow to the head.

How To Do It:

Align your hands with your shoulders, with your arms parallel to each other. Open and extend your fingers, applying pressure through the index finger. On the inhale, root your toes to the ground, and lift your hip up to the sky as you exhale. Keep your feet hip distance apart and parallel to each other. While keeping the back nice and long, stretch your legs slowly. Relax the head and stare at your stomach. Keep a distance between your ears and shoulders. The triceps rotate outwards and the forearms rotate inwards, creating a space between the scapulas. Breath deeply, on the inhale create length in the spine and exhale relaxing the chest towards the thighs. On the inhale, lift your right leg up. You can do some core work by taking your right knee to your nose or right triceps and back up.

Tip: Make sure you keep your back straight, even if that means slightly bending your knees.

Vasisthasana: The Rockstar Pose


Why Do It:

It strengthens the wrists and abdominals.

How To Do It:

Start in downward facing dog. Take your weight forward and come into a plank, keeping your body parallel to the floor. Take your right knee to your left triceps and extend the leg outside the yoga mat. Your left foot should be parallel to the back of the mat. Keep your right leg strong and straight, and your hips high. Stay for 5 full breaths.

Tip: Imagine you want to separate your body from the floor as much as possible.

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Camatkarasana: Wild Thing


Why Do It:

It opens up your shoulders, hips and quads. It also strengthens your shoulders and back.

How To Do It:

Start in downward facing dog. Raise the right leg towards the sky and bend the right knee. Draw circles with your knee and gently bring your right foot “behind you” towards the floor, perhaps outside of the mat. Your left foot should face the back. Press your left hand towards the floor, lift the hips and heart on the inhale (slight backbend). Your right hand and arm be in line with your body.

Tip: Create a smaller backbend by moving your right foot closer to your body.

Runner’s Lunge


Why Do It:

It opens the hips.

How To Do It:

Start in downward facing dog. On the inhale, lift the right leg. On the exhale, bring the right foot towards the right corner of your mat and bring the left knee to the floor. Then, inhale again, and look straight in front of you to lengthen your spine. Stay in this position or lower your body onto your forearms during the exhale. Relax the neck, jaw and hips. Stay for 5-10 breaths.

Tip: You can also move to the outer edge of your right foot and sway from side to side.

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Virabhadrasana II: Reverse Warrior


Why Do It:

It helps relieve back pain and tones the abdominal muscles.

How To Do It:

Start in downward facing dog. On the inhale, bring the right leg towards the sky. On the exhale, place the right foot in between your hands. Heal to arch alignment (front-back foot). Push your body up, as you inhale again, before exhaling with arms parallel to the floor and relaxed shoulders. Your right knee should be bent and sit just over the ankle. Your back leg should be active and extended. On the next inhale, place your left hand onto your left leg, while raising your right hand up to the sky.

Tip: For a greater shoulder opening, you can place the right hand on the left hip. 

Utthita Trikonasana: Extended Triangle


Why Do It:

It tones the legs, back and abs. It also opens up the hips and chest.

How To Do It:

From Warrior II, inhale and extend your fingers to the front, before exhaling and bringing your hand towards the front leg, placing it onto the floor, your ankle or your leg. Your other hand should then reach backwards, keeping your body in a straight line. Create length in the spine and shine the heart forward.

Tip: You can place a block on the floor for support.

Vasisthasana: Side Plank Variation


Why Do It:

It strengthens the wrists, shoulders and abdominals.

How To Do It:

Start in downward facing dog. Bring your weight forward into a plank. Rotate your hips and feet to one side and place one foot on top of the other. Extend the top arm up. If you feel comfortable enough, you can flex the upper knee and move into a tree variation.

Tip: You can flex the lower knee for more support. 

Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana: Pigeon Pose


Why Do It:

It increases flexibility in the spine and is an intense stretch for the hips and IT band.

How To Do It:

Start from downward facing dog. Inhale the right leg towards the sky. On the exhale, bring the right foot behind the left wrist and the right knee behind the right hand. Your left leg should be straight behind you. Make sure the hips are squared and that the left leg is aligned. On the next inhale, look staright in front of you, with your hands by your side. On the exhale, walk the hands in front of you. You may stay on your hands, forearms or totally surrender towards the floor. Stay here for 20 breaths.

Tip: You can activate your legs by applying pressure to your thighs against the floor to open the hips further.

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Gomukha-Garudasana: Cow Face Pose With Eagle Arms


Why Do It:

It opens the hips and shoulders.

How To Do It:

From a seated position, flex the left leg under the right, placing one knee over the other. Your glutes should be in contact with the mat. Inhale your arms parallel to the floor. Stretch the right arm in front of you. On the exhale, flex the left arm 90º on top. You can bring the back or palms of your hands together. Stay here for 10 breaths. Keep your back straight  and look at your hands.

Tip: If you are uncomfortable, you may stretch the left leg. For a deeper variation, you can hug the knees with you arms (keeping the arms in eagle). 

Dhanurasana: Wheel Pose


Why Do It:

It lengthens the chest, and strengthens the arms, wrists, legs, glutes and abs.

How To Do It:

Lay upwards, flex your knees and place your feet close to you. Stretch your hams behind the head, flex the elbows and place your hands next to the shoulders with the finger tips towards your body. On the inhale, press the hands and feet, and lift the hips up. Release the pose by slowly lowering your body on the exhale.

Tip: As you advance in the pose, you can stretch arms and legs further. Relax the head. 

Ananda Balasana: Happy Baby Pose


Why Do It:

It’s a relaxed stretch for the hips and back. It also helps to relax the mind and reduce stress.

How To Do It:

Lie on your back. On the exhale, bring your knees towards your chest. On the inhale, use your “peace fingers” to hug the big toe. Relax again on the exhale. As you inhale again, open the knees to the sides, keeping your feet flexed and your ankles over the knees.

Tip: If you have neck pain, place a cushion behind your head. You can also use a yoga strap. 

Supta Baddha Konasana


Why Do It:

It relaxes the hips and psoas. It’s also good for digestive problems, and helps to open up the chest.

How To Do It:

Sit down, with the sole of the feet together. Your knees should be flexed towards the sides. Lie down with your back to the floor. Keep your arms by your sides, with the palms facing upwards. You can also keep your right hand over the heart and your left hand over the stomach. Close your eyes. Relax the hips.

Tip: If you feel a lot of tension, you can place two cushions at your sides to support the knees. 

Paschimottanasana: Forward Fold


Why Do It:

It calms the mind, and stretches and relaxes the back.

How To Do It:

Start from a seated position, with the legs straight out in front of you. Flex your feet towards the sky. On the inhale, bring the arms towards the sky. Exhale and flex your upper body forward halfway. On the inhale, create length in the spine; exhale towards your legs. Place your hands wherever they reach. Keep your back and jaw relaxed. Keep the feet flexed to stretch your calves and hamstrings.

Tip: If there is a lot of tension in the back, keep the knees slightly bent. You can also use a strap on the feet and hold on to the ends while the heart shines forward.

Savasana: Corpse Pose


Why Do It:

Since it is done at the end, it allows you to rest and absorb all the benefits of the practice.

How To Do It:

Lie on your back, with your feet open towards the sides and arms by your side. Palms should be facing up. Close your eyes. Keep your breathing natural and relaxed. Keep your tongue and jaw relaxed. Stay here for about 5 minutes. When you are ready to get up again, gently move the fingers and toes, wrists and ankles. You can stretch in any way that feels good. Slowly bring the knees towards your chest and lay on your right side, using your right triceps as a pillow for your head. Whenever you are ready, come to a seated position with your eyes closed or a relaxed gaze.

Tip: You can use a small pillow for your head. If there is a lot of tension in your back, you can flex your knees.

Check out Irene in action below:

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We all have creative gifts to bring to this world, whether we identify ourselves as artists or not. Creativity is our ability to make connections that are in line with a vision that is unique to us. It's creating something that doesn't exactly exist yet in the world. There may be similar ideas and creations out there, but true creativity is rooted within. We can try to emulate the creative juices of another, but we'll never quite encapsulate the true source of someone else's inspiration and ideas. That said, there's no use in being envious of another's art. We can appreciate it and allow it to inspire us, but when we get too caught up in competing it only distracts us from our own focus and blurs our intentions. If you ask someone who's being authentic in their art where their inspiration stemmed from, you'll often hear "I have no clue where I got that idea, it just came to me." When we get caught up in competing with people who are creating for the sake of creating, we are approaching the situation from a position of "not being good enough". We will never be satisfied with what we create if we're too busy hustling for our worthiness as an artist. If we don't enjoy and respect the creative journey and the vulnerability process, we won't end up at a destination that honours who we are. Besides, being ego-driven with our approach and over-focusing on pleasing others reduces art to a responsibility and removes the pleasure in the process. 👸 #thegoddessrebellion 👑 Text by: @thegoddessrebellion 🌷🌷 Top by @fabletics_es 💚💚

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