Yin/Yang Yoga: Relaxation In Its Purest Form

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Today, we’re uncovering the latest trend sweeping through studios worldwide: Yin/Yang Yoga. As part of our Live Your Passion campaign, we invited our Brand Ambassadors and VIPs based in London to experience a Yin/Yang Yoga session at Good Vibes. Our Master and yoga guru, Nahid de Belgeonne walked us through this restorative practice. Here’s what we learned:

Group photos of women doing yoga next to their yoga mats. All are wearing grey tanks with black leggings.

Our BAs and VIPs wearing their Live Your Passion tanks during their first Yin/Yang session.

Yin Yoga

Founded by Taoist Paulie Zink, Yin yoga, also known as restorative yoga, combines Indian Hatha yoga with Chinese Taoist traditions. More specifically, it derives from the ancient form of Vinyasa Krama, the purest, most organised form of the practice. Nahid describes it as ‘supported and conscious rest’ reached through long-held ‘opening and releasing poses’, in order to promote relaxation, reduce stress and recharge the mind. Who wouldn’t want that?

Nahid adopts a restorative approach to yin and uses Props throughout to help the body ‘open’ and ‘release’ without causing tension. Each pose, or asana, is held for five minutes or more, during which you need to relax your muscles, in order to encourage the connective tissues – tendons, ligaments, fascia – of the body to ease open. The result: pure relaxation.

Yin offers a more meditative approach to yoga, with the aim of cultivating your awareness of inner silence. You’ll experience profound muscle release in tight areas, a deeper connection with your breath as well as a feeling of complete calmness.

Note: Yin yoga is slow-paced, but will help to recharge you for your more dynamic practices.

Tip: Perform your best with our high-quality, eco-friendly yoga mat, and always remember to stay hydrated by bringing a large water bottle, such as The Tritan Water Bottle, along with you.

Yang Yoga

Yang yoga is the more commonly practised form of yoga in North America and western Europe. It adopts a more aggressive approach to target the muscles, involving strict stretching postures and breathing exercises. In other words (and unsurprisingly), Yang is the counterbalance of Yin.

Briefly, Yang asanas are held for a shorter amount of time, which is why it is considered to be more dynamic. Movement is continual and fluid, with an emphasis on internal heating to stretch and strengthen muscular tissues. In addition, as opposed to Yin yoga, most Yang asanas involve standing. The pace throughout the poses is steady, slowly progressing in intensity.

Tip: For a high-intensity yoga session, opt for a top with a built-in bra as well as moisture-control and breathe-easy mesh panels. Discover our new range of yoga clothes to find your perfect fit.

Woman, wearing black leggings and a multi-coloured sports bra, on a Fabletics yoga mat.

Our model is rocking the Tuberose Capri and Ayni Bra, as she practises her Pigeon asana for an intense Yin/Yoga session.

Yin/Yang yoga is the proof that opposites attract. Many yoga masters agree that the combination of Yin and Yang poses provide the body with the fullest form of exercise. This yoga practice is all about syncing your body and mind…while also breaking a sweat. It’s the perfect option for someone looking for the whole package: relaxation, restoration and results.


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