Urban Running Guide: How To Train For A Marathon In 3 Months With Fabletics

BY The Blog Team

The temperature is rising and the sun is finally making an appearance (somewhat regularly). It’s the perfect time to start prepping for a marathon! Whether you’re training for a 10k race or a half marathon, it will take a great deal of dedication and discipline. That said, we guarantee that you will feel fitter and happier by the end of it! So, what do you say? Let’s go on a tour of East London with our Brand Ambassador, fitness guru and architect Stephanie Stern, and get ready to breeze through that finish line! Start the countdown – just 13 weeks to go!

13 weeks to go…

Woman running by the river in printed leggings and a blue sports bra.

If you’re running in an urban environment, try to run by a river or on a nice street to help boost your motivation.

Get shopping! There’s no better way to kick-start your training than with a brand new pair of trainers, a bright top and leggings. If you feel good in your outfit, then you will be even more motivated to hit the road! The next step is to plan your training route. Let your imagination run wild! If green spaces are limited in your area, run along a river or on a beautiful residential street.

Get the look: Stephanie is wearing the Salar Capri in the reef print and the Emmy Sports Bra.

10 weeks to go…

Woman stretching on a bench, wearing printed leggings and a blue sports bra.

Always remember to stretch before and after each run!

Stock up on vitamins! You’re going to want to take zinc supplements, in order to help muscle recovery, and if you’re running in the colder months, make sure you take a daily dose of Vitamin D, which can help reduce fatigue. If you’re prone to blisters, try placing surgical spirits with cotton wool on your feet once every couple of days. Finally, always remember to stretch well before and after each run!

Is it already getting to be too much? If you’re a beginner and dream of one day running a marathon, you might be interested in checking out our other blog on how to start running. We know you have it in you!

8 weeks to go…

Image of a toasted sandwich with a poached egg, spinach, smoked salmon and avocado.

Boost your performance by giving your body plenty of vitamins.

Time to start eating clean! Boost your metabolism with stews, smoothies and soups, all of which help speed up muscle recovery. If you find yourself constantly stuck behind a desk (like us), then be creative with how you prepare your meals. For example, Stephanie recommends using a microwavable egg poacher for a fuss-free solution to making egg and avocado on toast at the office. Afternoon craving? Steer clear from the biscuits! Berries and nuts make for a much healthier snack.

2 weeks to go…

Woman on a bike, wearing printed leggings and a blue sports bra.

Focus more on low impact training, such as cycling, as you get closer to race day.

Mix it up! Avoid injury by keeping your fitness levels up. You might want to think about taking up cycling. It’s a low impact sport, which doesn’t put too much stress on your muscles.

1 week to go…

Woman in blue leggings and a blue sports bra, standing in a park.

The success of your run is 50% determined by your mental focus. So, remember to take breaks and relax!

Inhale, exhale! Now is a good time to  slowly start minimising your training. Why not take up yoga or go on a nature walk? You want to focus on your pre-marathon psychology, getting into a Zen state-of-mind. Remember, the success of your run is 50% determined by your mental focus. If your mind is strong, then your body will be too!

Race day…

Woman wearing a red and white vest with printed leggings and trainers.

Smile! Make sure you share your experience with friends and family.

Take a selfie! Before you even start your run, you should congratulate yourself for all the effort you’ve put into preparing for it. If you’re running for a charity, promoting your run on social media will help you attract more sponsors – it’s all for a good cause! Keep a positive spirit with you until the finish line. Oh, and of course, make sure you wear fabulous running clothes on the day!

Have fun and good luck!

As always, we’d love to see your race snaps! Send us your pics or any tips you may have via Facebook or Instagram.




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