The Beauty Insider: Summer Beauty Tips & Essentials For The Beach By Fabletics?

BY The Blog Team

…Plus Discover Kate Hudson’s Secret Beauty Ritual!

Bare-faced. Check. Sun-kissed. Check. Beach-perfect locks. Check. To master that flawless summer holiday glow, less is definitely more. From skincare to summer makeup, here are our top warm weather beauty tips and essentials you need to pack in your holiday beach bag!

Model wearing a neon lime and black bikini.

For dips in the pool or sea, make sure you opt for waterproof makeup. No one likes runny mascara! Get our model’s look: The Stingray Bikini.

The Natural Beauty Look – Makeup Essentials

When it comes to summer makeup, it’s all about going naked (well, sort of)! You want to strike the delicate balance between illuminating your face with a warm glow and hiding your imperfections. So, what’s in our makeup bag, this summer?

  • An oil-free moisturiser to hydrate our skin and start with a proper base.
  • A good primer to hold our makeup in place.
  • A good bronzer to add warmth. Tip: Opt for a powder bronzer, which will blend better and give a more natural result.
  • Sheer eye shadow and eye primer to avoid creasing.
  • Lip liner in a nude shade and lip gloss in a summery colour (or a light lipstick).
  • Cream blush (powder blush can quickly get cake-y).
  • Blotting papers to eliminate shine.
  • Waterproof mascara to avoid having raccoon eyes – they won’t match your stylish swimwear!

Need a place to stash your makeup essentials when you’re on-the-go? Choose your accessories in function of what you have planned for the day. For example, the Riley Backpack is perfect for a long hike off the coast, while the Chella Pack makes for a great little pouch for your beauty kit when relaxing poolside.

Model wearing a black and white printed bra with white shorts.

For beach-perfect blonde waves, try mixing baby shampoo and baking soda! Get our model’s look: The Sylvia Bra in the sandstorm print.

Summer Blowout –  Hair Care Tips

With temperatures rising and – depending on where you go – humidity clinging to the air, your hair needs some extra love in the summer. Lounging or even exercising in the sun can zap the radiance right out of your hair. So, to help you boost your shade, here are a few DIY colouring tips:


Add a more fiery feel to your colour by boiling a litre of water and dropping in 3 chamomile bags. Let them steep for a few minutes, before removing them and allowing the water to cool in the fridge. Spray the infusion on clean, damp hair and let it dry in the sun.


Yellow? Brassy? Those are two words you do not want to hear as a blonde. To counteract them, mix 60ml of baby shampoo with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Rub the paste into dry hair, leaving it in for 10 minutes, before rinsing it out.


Add vibrancy to your colour by mixing 60ml of distilled vinegar with distilled water and 2 drops of peppermint oil (to take away the vinegar smell). Rub the mixture into damp hair and blow dry it.

Tip: The best way to prevent your hair from suffering heat damage is to keep it out of the sun. Cover it in style with a headband, headwrap or even a cap!

Model wearing a white dress.

Don’t rush your tanning! A healthy glow starts with sunscreen. Get our model’s look: The Bryce Dress in white.

Bronzed Beauty – Skincare Tips & Essentials

While you should limit your makeup, sunscreen is one thing you should be layering on thick! Protecting your skin from the sun’s dangerous rays is of utmost importance in summer. Here’s what we’re using to treat our skin for fun in the sun:

  • Arnica: It favours blood circulation and contains antioxidants, which calms skin irritations. Buy it in oil form, and massage it into your arms and legs in an upward motion.
  • Magnesium: It reduces inflammation and helps remove toxins.
  • Caffeine: It helps to reduce body volume and smoothens and firms skin by stimulating blood circulation. Another excuse for that morning coffee!
  • Seaweed extract: It boosts weight loss. For best results, apply it after working out for about 30 seconds, while you skin is still sensitive.

Tip: If you’re not wearing shorts, pull up your trousers and rub the seaweed extract up your calf muscles and thighs, where you will experience the most tension.

  • Rosehip oil: It acts as a skin regenerator, which helps to reduce wrinkles and the appearance of scars.
  • A healthy diet: Make sure you’re consuming omegas, soya-based proteins, Vitamin E and antioxidants on a daily basis. In addition to the top 5 skin-beautifying foods, we recommend regularly sprinkling celery, artichoke, dandelion and Quinoa seeds in your meals.

Tip: Grill some salmon and toss it into a superfood salad! Looking for a healthy snack? Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and make for easy munching.

  • Sunscreen: Opt for SPF 30+, if you have medium skin, and make sure your face is also protected by choosing moisturiser and foundation with SPF.

Want a flawless complexion? You can also find more clean-eating tips on our #ReadyForTheBeach page.

Kate Hudson wearing printed leggings and a pink sports bra.

Kate embraces a natural glow in summer, keeping her make-up to a minimum. Get her look: The Lyra Bra in melon paired with the Winn Mid Rise Capri in the heat wave print.

Special: Kate’s Secret Beauty Ritual

While some people raid the shops for a wardrobe full of new outfits each season, Kate Hudson prefers to try new beauty routines to maintain her skin’s healthy glow, especially in the summer, when she spends a large amount of her time outside.

When temperatures start to rise, she immediately opts for lighter products, limiting the amount she uses – in order to keep her skin looking fresh. When it’s warm out, she doesn’t want to layer on products, which will intoxicate her skin and stop it from breathing. Instead, coconut oil is her go-to! She puts it in her hair and on her skin. It’s much lighter than other oils and lotions, so it keeps skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Summer is dedicated to natural beauty. There’s nothing better than a fresh face to soak up the sun. During summer, Kate opts for bright colours, matching them with her beachwear and tops, and blush to add an extra feeling of warmth. Whether she’s working out at the beach or shopping with her sons, Kate knows that a healthy glow is worth more than cosmetics!

Have a beautiful holiday! If you’re leaving soon, you might want to check out our June collection – The Summer Refresh – for wrinkle-resistant outfits. Nobody likes to arrive at their destination with a a suitcase full of wrinkled t-shirts!

What are your summer beauty tips and essentials? ☀ Give us a peak into your beach bag by sending us a pic via Facebook or Instagram!


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