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Summer is just a few weeks away – time to start the holiday countdown! The last thing you want to do after jetting off is to have to struggle to find a local English-speaking salon, where you can have your mani-pedi or bikini wax done. That’s why the best trick is to plan ahead, and with our summer holiday checklist, you’ll be beach ready before you even leave Heathrow (or any other airport you’re flying from)!

Woman playing volleyball in dark blue leggings and a matching sports bra.

Put a disciplined workout routine into place about a month before your trip to help you feel toned and confident on the beach and beyond. Get our model’s look: The Sylvia Bra, which you can pair with the Angela Capri.

4 weeks to go…

  • This is a good time to start thinking about upping your fitness routine, so that you can feel toned and confident during your trip. About a month before leaving, buy a calendar and schedule in different workout classes you want to attend and individual sessions on a daily basis. Plan a week ahead up until your fly-out date. You want to get in about 30 minutes of exercise each day, plus 2-3 more intense workouts per week. However, don’t forget to have fun along the way. Opt for exercise that make you happy and you want to do – even walking your pup or going salsa dancing counts!

Feeling lazy when it comes to hitting the gym? Shopping for gym clothes, and finding an outfit you feel confident and sexy in has been shown to have a positive effect on motivation.

  • While adopting a more active lifestyle can help you tone up, if you really want that healthy summer glow, you need to make sure you’re feeding your body well. Avoid extreme dieting or pre-holiday fasting! It only does your body harm, and any results you may see won’t stand the test of time. Instead, start by reducing your sugar intake and alcohol consumption for a clearer complexion, and indulge in clean eating recipes, which you can schedule in week-by-week, as you do with your workouts.

Here are 5 outdoor workout ideas that will really help you shape up for summer. If you’re looking for more fitness and clean eating tips, then check out our #ReadyForTheBeach page as well!

Woman wearing a black bodycon dress with cutout details.

A healthy holiday glow starts with a well planned beauty routine! Get our model’s look: The Tropez Dress.

2 weeks to go…

  • Are you looking to reduce the appearance of your cellulite, but can’t afford a luxe treatment? Invest in a body brush, and start brushing the areas with the most cellulite every morning before your shower. It will improve the texture of your skin for a smooth and healthy glow on the beach.

Tip: If you’re still feeling a bit insecure, invest in a nice cover-up, like the Elsa Dress, which you can show off poolside and barside.

  • Get your feet ready by booking a medical pedicure, which is the only way to really get rid of hard skin and calluses.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t get a facial so close to your departure date, as you don’t want your skin to become sensitive before it is exhibited in the sun. However, a good idea is to have a cleansing facial around two weeks before your holiday to purify your pores and hydrate your skin, which is probably already aggravated by the constant change in temperature and warmer weather.
  • If you haven’t already done so, then now is the time to make sure you really give your body the hydration it needs. The best way to radiant skin and a detox is drinking plenty of water. Carry an easy, BPA-free water bottle wherever you go, especially during your workouts!
  • Make sure you’ve ordered your swimwear & beachwear! You don’t want to worry about your delivery a week or less before your trip.
A shot of a black vest, printed leggings, a bottle of coconut water and a woman's magazine.

Jazz up your hydration with coconut water, available in an array of different flavours. Get motivated to hit the gym with a new outfit, such as the Peyton Tank and the Salar Crop in the new heat wave print (On the magazine cover: Kate is wearing the Windward Tankini in navy strip/hot coral).

1 week to go…

  • We all know the difference a well-groomed pair of eyebrows can make. So, a week before you jet off, get Instagram ready by having your brows professionally preened. With a bit of plucking, waxing and tinting, your eyes will be framed to perfection!
  • Looking to refresh your hair colour? Book an appointment for a week before your trip, so that you have time to take care of your new holiday hair with masques and oils (to be applied every night before you leave). If you’re going for a blond look, make sure you apply toner to avoid that yellowish tint!

Speaking of hair, make sure you protect your head from the sun with a lightweight hat, such as our Straw Trucker in the reef print, or a funky headband, such as our Palmer Headband in the popsicle print.

  • Have a distaste for fake lashes, but need an extra flutter? Book a lash extension, so you’ll be waking up fresh-faced every morning. Say goodbye to your curler!
  • On top of brushing your cellulite-prone skin religiously, add a body exfoliator to your routine. It will smoothen your skin, sloughing off dead skin, in order to prepare it for tanning sessions under the sun.
Woman wearing a bright orange maxi dress and sandals.

With just two days to go until you jet off, you’re going to want to focus your attention on getting a naturally tanned glow and a summery mani/pedi to go with it! Get our model’s look: Neema Maxi Dress in monarch.

2 days to go…

  • Time for a wax! Whether you’re looking to book a Brazilian or just hitting the salon for general maintenance, make sure you book your waxing session 2-3 days before you fly. You want to avoid regrowth, while giving your skin time to heal after being exposed to the hot wax.
  • Now is also the perfect time for a mani/pedi. Why not pick a bright, summery varnish, such as coral?

Tip: Choose your varnish colour according to any outfits you may have planned for your holiday. For example, we love pairing the Pryor Dress in melon with a summery coral.

  • Unless you’ve been lounging in the garden every day (and even then, the British weather often gets in the way), you’re probably in the need of a little tanning help pre-holiday. After all, no one wants to glow from one end of the beach to the other! Whether you’re applying a bottle-tan on yourself, or indulging in professional contouring, our tip is to make sure you opt for natural and organic ingredients. And, please, no tanning beds!
  • Preparing for a holiday can be stressful, so this is also the perfect time to bring out your yoga clothes, and book a class with a relaxing meditation session. Sinking into a Zen state-of-mind will make packing much easier!
Woman wearing a coral, turquoise and black printed playsuit.

Invest in wrinkle-resistant clothing for your trip, as is the highlight of our June Collection: The Summer Refresh. Get our model’s look: The Liza Romper in the heat wave print.

Ready To Go – Packing Tips

You’ve left your packing to the last-minute. That’s ok – we all do it! Thanks to our handy holiday packing list, your suitcase is a stress-free zone!

Here’s what you need to pack in your suitcase:

Toiletries/Beauty Products

  • For your hair: straightener/curler/dryer (whichever you need to achieve your fave hairstyle), hairbrush
  • Makeup bag (fill it with summer eyeshadows and nail varnish)
  • Makeup and varnish remover
  • Tweezers (you don’t want to obsess over a brow stray)
  • For your smile: Toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, mouthwash (if desired)
  • For your face and body: Face wash, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion
  • Razor and shaving gel
  • Deodorant
  • Medicine: Insect bite cream, pain killers (especially useful for those pesky hangovers) and diarrhoea tablets
  • Important: Sun tan lotion and after sun (opt for SPF 30, if you have medium skin)! Make sure your day face cream or foundation also has SPF to keep you safe in the sun!

Holiday Wardrobe (to be taken as a suggestion)

  • 2 Day/night dresses
  • Appropriate footwear – flats, heels and trainers
  • Running clothes – because sometimes we regret not bringing these, when a jog on the beach looks appealing!
  • 2 Pairs of shorts
  • 1 Maxi dress
  • 6 Tops
  • A shawl or light jacket for colder nights
  • Jewellery
  • Underwear, including a sports bra for the same reason mentioned above


  • Travel adaptor
  • Phone charger
  • Laptop/Tablet charger (if you’re taking one with you)
  • Speakers (if you want to fill the beach with your tunes)

For the beach/pool

  • A large towel
  • 2-3 swim outfits – Check out our Swim Shop for inspiration!
  • Sunglasses
  • A holiday read
  • Organic snacks (if you can) to help you maintain your healthy diet during your holiday
  • A Beach bag, like The Sunburst Tote II

Here’s a list of the holiday essentials to pack in your carry-on:

  • Passport
  • Travel insurance information (if applicable)
  • Currency
  • Comfy socks (the air con can get tough on the plane)
  • Lip salve and moisturiser (under 100ml)
  • Tissues
  • Your travel booking information, hotel address, tickets, etc. (if applicable)
  • Book/magazine for the plane
  • Healthy snacks and a bottle of water (post-security check) to keep your energy levels up

We hope this guide was helpful. Have a great trip and make the most of summer! ☀️

We’d love to hear how you’re getting ready for your summer hols! Send us your checklist and snaps via Facebook or Instagram with #ReadyForTheBeach.

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