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Being fit doesn’t mean sacrificing fashion, especially when it comes to hair. Whether you are on your way to a spin class or an afternoon at the pool, these hairstyles have your needs covered.

Before we begin, let’s make sure you’ve got the correct tools and products to last through the toughest workout to happy hour. No matter your hair texture, every girl needs a wide tooth comb, no-snag elastic bands and a set of bobby pins. These will create a stronger style as well as benefit the health of the hair. Prepping your hair with product will ensure your hair will have protection from chlorine and sun exposure.

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1. Prep the hair with product and comb straight back with a wide tooth comb.
2. Gather your hair back from your hairline to the top of your ears into a pony, secure with an elastic band.
3. Combine your hair from your ears down to your nape, into your ponytail, secure at the bottom with an elastic band.
4. Begin to roll your pony up towards your first pony.

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5. Keep rolling until your ends have folded into themselves.
6. Pin in the middle, and both right and left sides to secure your chignon.
7. Finished look.




1. Prep the hair with product and comb straight back with a wide tooth comb.
2. Starting from the top of your crown, section your hair vertically into two sections. Clip your right section up and out of your way.
3. Starting with the left side, section three strands. Cross each section over another, creating an anchor for your braid. .
4. As you braid, gather more hair until you reach the bottom of your section. Secure with an elastic band


5. Repeat step 3 and braid on your right side.
6. Swing your right braid horizontally towards your left ear. Flip your ends underneath, and pin. Swing your left braid underneath your right braid, towards your right ear. Flip your ends underneath and pin.
7. Secure braids with bobby pins to lock in your style.

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Pamela Howell, Domino Beauty Boutique

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