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We all know Kate Hudson, the sought-after actress, who looks flawless on the red carpet and hangs out with Hollywood’s A-listers. But, who is Kate Hudson as a person, and why does she incite respect from everyone she crosses paths with? With her new book, Pretty Happy, a veil is lifted.

The first thing that comes across when reading Pretty Happy is how down-to-earth Kate really is. She strives to fight against the media sound bites that are repeatedly thrown at her, and offer the truth about her new “connected” self. Actually, her beauty lies in the fact that she not only recognises her flaws but embraces them. “Perfection is for amateurs”, she points out.

Kate Hudson in shorts and crop top smiling and feeding chickens.

“Like everyone else, I have my good days, my not-so-good days, and my totally awful days.”

Staying healthy, for her, is a balancing act. Kate knows what it means to be busy. Between hopping from one film set to another (her latest film being Kung Fu Panda 3) and being a mum to Ryder and Bing, it’s a miracle she even finds time to work out. Yet, as she says, “taking care of yourself is the single most important connection you can make in your life”.

In Pretty Happy, Kate not only provides advice to support your fitness regime but also a guide to “becoming body smart”. Her inspiration chiefly derives from her mother, Goldie Hawn, whose involvement with neuroscientists and positive psychologists for MindUP, a foundation that helps children release their stress and manage their emotions, sparked her curiosity about “mindfulness”. To help her become mindful of her inner psyche and body, Kate sought help from body practitioners and experts in Ayurvedic medicine (an ancient Indian approach to integrating a holistic mind and body health), and even turned to an alkaline diet. Her objective? Create an easy-to-use guide on how to lose weight, sync your mind and body, and stay fit.

Kate speaks to women, and more specifically mothers. And, as such, she knows that for change to be effective, you have to pay close attention to the details. That’s why she tells us about her Drawing Board – “a place to write down all your thoughts, feelings, questions, and fears about your body, but also your life”. Think of it as a kind of personal diary, a record of where you are in your life, and a means of staying connected with yourself and others around you. Fabletics, she confirms, is the fruit of this “internal dialogue”.

Kate Hudson wearing a crop top and shorts on a bike with a basket.

“Our bodies are designed to move, and without daily activity, they will begin to break down.”

Being body smart, as she points out, is an on-going process. Adapting to different roles and having two sons has made Kate acutely aware of the fact that “our bodies do not stand still for time”. Kate explains that once she accepted that nature intended for it to be this way, she finally began to let go of her own insecurities and relax. Now, she truly wants to help you reach your fitness and wellbeing goals. While she tells us how she eats and stays active, backing her points up with scientific facts, her real wish is for you to get inspiration and find what really works for you.

In short, reading Pretty Happy is like speaking with a friend. Her message screams loud and clear: stop living on hyperspeed, and learn to seize the day! It’s the key to living a pretty happy life.

Kate Hudson will be at Selfridges Oxford Street London to sign copies of her new book on the 4th of March. For your chance to meet her and have your copy signed enter our competition on Instagram. Terms and Conditions apply.  

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