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[tps_header]Bored with your your fitness routine? It happens to everyone, that’s why we asked Fabletics Masters and staffers to share their favourite ways to get fit. Check out these fun and unexpected workouts that are sure to reinvigorate your fitness.[/tps_header]

Acro is a playful way to move in this world and become stronger and smarter in your body. We discovered AcroYoga because movement has consistently been part of both of our lives.

Acropeutics (the Therapeutic side of Acrobatics) uses gravity to help heal, align, and bring us into a more grounded version of ourselves. Acropeutics is not only a form of healing, but it also is a great way for beginners to learn the practice. Putting people upside down shifts their perspective on the world, builds trust, facilitates healing, and creates new possibilities. The goal of Acropeutics is to facilitate healing within yourself and in others. You can transform people’s lives with a single flight! Acropeutics reverses the negative effects of gravity with an inversion based partner yoga practice.

-Sara and Whaka, KohaYoga

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