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Many of us have jobs that increasingly demand long hours of sitting time, so we need to be realistic about our desire to sit less. Instead, it’s important to focus our efforts on sitting well without strain. The tips below will help enable your body to maintain a good (and supported!) posture.
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•Bring yourself forward on your chair so that you are seated upright without resting back and rounding your torso. Your head can sit naturally on top of your spine this way.

•Find right angles: Create a 90 degree angle between your torso and your thighs, and another 90 degree angle from your thighs to your lower legs. This provides full support through your lower body.

•If your lower back is arched, or if your pelvis is tucked under, see if you can find a neutral way to sense your pelvis with your two sitting bones in contact with the chair.

•Breathe. Encourage your lower abdomen to expand when you inhale, and sense your ribs and whole chest fluidly shifting as you breathe. Good sitting allows your breathing diaphragm to move freely.

Comfortable sitting is possible! Use these tips in your daily routine and it will make a
huge difference in how you feel every day. Stay tuned for my next post about moving through sitting.

-Sandrine Harris, KINESOMA℠ founder

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