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Many of us have jobs that increasingly demand long hours of sitting time, so we need to be realistic about our desire to sit less. Instead, it’s important to focus our efforts on sitting well without strain. The tips below will help enable your body to maintain a good (and supported!) posture.
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Tip # 1: Find a chair that is supportive with firm seat surface. Overly cushioned seating is
part of the problem: It encourages your body to sink down, and does not allow you to feel your sitting bones grounded on the chair.

Tip # 2: Adjust the height of your chair, so that your feet are firmly on the floor. There is a lot of unnecessary muscular work involved in sitting when you don’t have firm contact with the floor.

Tip # 3: Take a look at a model skeleton, or find an image of the spine and pelvis online, to get a clear visual before you start exploring.

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