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Christmas is upon us, and everyone knows what that means – food, food, and more food! It can be really hard to keep up with your normal workout and eating routine this time of year. Here are some quick tips that will help you avoid the disappointment of overindulging during the holidays. 

Treat Yourself 
Heading to a Christmas party? Instead of feeling totally deprived, allow yourself to have one treat. This could be a cocktail or a glass of wine, bread and butter at dinner, or a slice of dessert; give yourself the freedom to enjoy your treat of choice.

Eat a healthy snack 30 minutes before you go to dinner. Try an apple or a pear; it’s filling, nutritious and will fill you up just enough so you won’t overindulge on those tempting treats.

Sometimes it’s very easy to confuse hunger with thirst, so make sure you are drinking lots of water. It save your skin from winter dryness, can help put off hunger and support proper digestion.

I know you think ordering that salad at dinner will save you some calories, but a warm bowl of winter soup can be comforting, hearty and nutritious. By the way, go for soups with a broth base!

Study the menu
If you’re going out to dinner, check the restaurant’s menu before you arrive. Deciding on your meal ahead of time eliminates the risk of an impulse order or peer pressure at the table.

Bring snacks
Bring your own snacks to the party! Not only will the host feel flattered, you’ll know there will be at least one thing to enjoy that’s guilt-free.

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