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Yoga has gained popularity in recent years, and it seems like everywhere you go, there’s somebody carrying their yoga mat into a gym, studio or even to the park. If you haven’t been to a yoga class yet, then you’re probably thinking about trying it out. Are we right? So, to help you prepare, here are some commonly used yoga terms and phrases.

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1. Guru – Teacher or Master

2. OM – Pronounced “Aum”, this sound is believed to be the cumulative sound of the universe. It is chanted in the beginning, during, and/or end of class, and it is known to have a vibratory quality that helps centre and calm the mind to be in the present moment.

3. Mantra – Sounds (generally in Sanskrit) or groups of sounds repeated to create a desired positive effect.

4. Asana – Physical yoga poses.

5. Pranayama – Breath control/manipulation to create a desired energetic effect whether it is to energise, calm, or centre oneself.

6. Ujjayi – Type of Pranayama where inhalations and exhalations are done in the back of the throat. Although not necessary, it is common to hear loud Ujjayi breaths.

7. Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation; a combination of poses linked together to start warming up the body.

8. Prana – Energy; life force.

9. Chakras – Seven concentrated energy centres beginning at the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head.

10. Meditation – Focusing on something (or nothing) to reach deeper stages of consciousness.

11. Savasana – Pronounced “Shavasana”, translates into “corpse pose”. It is during Savasana, that you reap the benefits of the hard work you put into the class.

12. Namaste – Typically spoken at the end of yoga classes, translates to “May the spirit within me honour/respect/celebrate the spirit within you.”

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-Jheni Solis

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