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Vinegar can do much more than just add flavour to your chips! From positively stunning hair and perfectly manicured nails to a natural way to soothe a sore throat, here are our favourite ways to use vinegar.


  • Say goodbye to lifeless hair! Apple cider vinegar is a quick and natural way to boost shine and remove product-build up. Product tends to coat your strands and prevents them from shining. Rinse with one part apple cider vinegar and two parts warm water when your hair looks and feels lacklustre.
  • If you’ve had too much fun in the sun and forgot to reapply sunscreen, reach for white vinegar to ease the pain. Add water and vinegar to a spray bottle and spritz it over your body or you can wet a flannel with cold water, followed by vinegar, and place it on the affected areas.
  • Soothe your tired muscles with warm water and vinegar. Add vinegar to the tub and soak for 10-20 minutes.
  • The secret to a lasting manicure in your kitchen cupboard. Vinegar will soften your cuticles and it will help remove excess oil on your nails. Simply wipe a soaked cotton ball over your nails, let dry and apply nail polish. Wiping away dirt and oil will help the polish adhere to your nails.
  • Show your feet some love and soften them up by soaking in one part vinegar and two parts warm water. We’ve also read that adding a quarter cup of Listerine, yes your mouth wash, to the mix further helps remove dead skin.
  • Treat pesky mosquito (and any other bug) bites with a paste of vinegar and cornstarch. Make a thick paste by mixing the two ingredients and gently apply it to the affected area. Allow the paste to dry and later remove it with warm water.
  • Finally, we’re always in search of natural and holistic remedies for common ailments. A tasty mix of honey and apple cider vinegar will help soothe a sore throat. A spoonful every few hours will bring relief.

What are your favourite ways to use vinegar?

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